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Pokémon GO Holidays 2018 Event Guide

Overall dates: Dec 18-Jan 2
- Special spawns and 7k egg hatches.
Munchlax (from eggs) and shiny delibird (spawns) hype!
- First spin of the day gives a free 1x incubator

Phase 1: Dec 18 to 22: Double catch and transfer candy
Phase 2: Dec 22 to 26: Double catch stardust
Phase 3: Dec 26 to 30: Double catch XP
Phase 4: Dec 30 to Jan 2: Half incubation hatch distance

1. Know your events transition time. For Pacific Time, it's 1pm
2. Consider delaying your first spin of the day until the event begins.
3. How you run your egg incubation can be a matter of strategy.
For example, eggs already in incubators at the moment phase 4 begins
will not receive the event boost.
4. The ultra box is one of this year's better boxes.
5. If you are usually low on lucky eggs, then it will be wiser to
time your lucky egg use with actions that are more valuable than catching.
5. Get the most out of your starpiece use during phase 2 by checking and
timing your weekly research and catch streak bonus stardust.

Link to official annoucnement.